Gingerbread House

  1. I am going to blog about my gingerbread house.who made a gingerbread house with me was me,my sister,and my cousin.My house is colorful.It had colorful marshmallows,and lots of frosting on it to hold it up.I put different color sprinkles on it,the colors were red,white and green.I put a mistletoe on the top of the house by the roof.At the bottom by the door it has the colorful marshmallows.Were the other colorful marshmallows are they are at the tip top.All most the holl house is white.My sisters house shap look like a fire it was all white and it had the same color sprinkles on it.With color full marshmallows on the top top.With a mistletoe on it.And it has a doggy door.My cousin house look like a normal house shape.It was all white.With white sprinkles on it.With lots of white glitter on it.


My goals for this 2nd semester is to get better at read and what I mean by that is to get on a higher level.A nother goal that I have is to write more what I mean by that is to write more than I am or was writing.My last goal is in math I would like to get better and what I mean by that is to get better at  multiplication and Division.There are more goal but those are my many goals that I have right now.

Girls on the run

girls on the run is soo much girls on the run we get to go outside and run laps around the tracks are goal is 66 laps because we’re going to do a 5K run on December 9th. The girls in Girls on the Run are joyful Jacqueline, jazzy johntianna, heart beating Hannah, yes yesenia, dancing Daria, rainbow Rinnata,ice cream issis,hoppin hayley,kick’n kenya,super sofia, extreme xotchi, jumping Jocelyn,Amazing America, and sassy savannah which is me.